Cheslav Kashnikov

Big, Mad and Russian (Actually Ukrainian).


Tall, broad shouldered, imposing figure with slick, black hair. He has a square jaw, pursed lips, and seemingly constantly furrowed brow, his face makes you wonder if mom was right when she told you your face would stay that way if you kept frowning. He has a Ukrainian accent and speaks in a very authoritative tone, when he “speaks” in High-Falutin or Lupine language, he adopts very aggressive and domineering postures. When in homid form, he tends to dress in leathers and furs since he does not go to the city very often, while lupus and crinos, his fur is a dark, greasy black with almost glowing yellow eyes.


(Чеслава Кашников)

Cheslav was born in Ukraine 50 years ago, when it was still part of the Soviet Union, to kinfolk parents. He grew up in Kiev learning to speak both Russian and Ukrainian, and was by all accounts, a model student. When Cheslav hit puberty, he began to take more of an active interest in outdoorsman activities including camping and archery. Cheslav’s parents were not rich, but they afforded him all they could to explore these hobbies, until his first change. Kashnikov’s First change was violent and bloody, He attended a wilderness survival camping trip at the age of 13, during this trip one of the camp chaperones attempted to molest him, which triggered Cheslav’s first change. As a full Crinos Garou, Cheslav ended up murdering the chaperone and every other person on the trip in a blind frenzy fueled by fear and confusion. Once Cheslav regained his senses and realized what he’d done, he ran into the wilderness and kept running until he collapsed of exhaustion. Wet and cold with only a rudimentary understanding of how to survive in the wilderness, Cheslav lay under the stars wracked with guilt and burdened with shame. His cries were heard by a pack of shadow lords patrolling the Bawn of their sept, and they recognized him for what he was. Brought before the caern’s elders he was absolved of his crime, partly because he had no control of his actions, and partly because the sept needed another able bodied warrior. Cheslav’s recruitment into the Shadowlords was simple, since the entire camp was killed, Cheslav was written off by society as missing, presumed dead.

Cheslav worked and apprenticed with the Shadow lord caern until the collapse of the Soviet Union. During which time, he learned about the Garou and their ways: Tactics, customs, and history. But tragically in the early 90’s, when the Soviet Union collapsed, a creature named Baba Yaga arose in Russia. In her swift and brutal first strike many septs were killed, including Cheslav’s. Kashnikov retreated to a friendly sept of Bone gnawers inside Kiev where he assisted the bolstering of their defenses during the war. Later, Cheslav participated in the Garou counterattack at Kursk, his participation earned him great glory and his deeds became well known to the Garou after that. Unfortunately for Cheslav, with his sept destroyed, and without truly being able to adapt to city life, he was without pack and without sept. It was at this point that Cheslav received an invitation to join the White Raven Caern and, with the promise of a home, he gladly accepted the chance to represent his people. He has remained at the Caern of White Raven and is currently the highest ranking Ahroun, no small task for a caern run by the Children of Gaia.

Cheslav Kashnikov

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